Stuff I wish I could put up as my Facebook Status: Part 2

- Dear Every other person on facebook,

Learn how to spell. “Let go 2 party witchu man b rockin..” is NOT even coherent. In fact it makes you sound like a moron, not to mention it’s annoying as hell to read. Knock it off or at least attempt to write something that makes SOME sense. K? Thanks.

-Dear Parents,

Please stop obsessively posting things about your kids. I’m glad you’re so proud of them and love them dearly..but no one needs to hear about how your kid’s diaper exploded or how they vomited up their peas and you had to clean it. Can you say TMI? and not to mention EW.

- Dear Super Annoying people,

The world’s not ending and it’s no longer funny to joke about it so STFU. Your own personal world could be ending and if so, keep that to yourself cause no one cares. MmKay?

-Dear Broken Hearted,

I’m sorry it didn’t work out. I really am. But Oh my god, please stop whining about it on FB. Seriously. It’s not going to help. It’s really not. Go talk to a friend or a parent or a priest or Ben & Jerry, cause FB is not your therapist. In fact, putting all your business out there tends to backfire not to mention it makes you sound pathetic. Hard Truth.

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